Monday, August 27, 2012

Of Bands & Bucket List

I have a list of bands I watched this year - typed in my Notes. I've been keeping a list since 2011. I can't seem to remember all the bands I saw in 2010. That was a great year. I need to refresh my memory or dig up all my ticket stubs. When that fails, I need to google all the bands who graced our shores in 2010 and eliminate those I didn't see. Tedious. But it needs to be done.

Before my memory fails me, I will make an attempt (albeit a feeble one) to post a little about each concert I've been to this year. I've been horrible at keeping track and updating things. I used to be stellar in that department.

2012 is a year of crossing out band names from my bucket list. What a year. And we're only in August.

I'll make a list here. Hoping to have a centralized page to click on each concert. Starting with the most recent.

Beach Boys