Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Good Things [Movie]

I love it when I enter a theatre without knowing what I'm going to watch but I end up enjoying the movie. It enhances the viewing experience because (1) you have no clue what you signed up for (2) it can potentially be awesome OR horrendous (3) shit did I waste my money on the movie ticket.

We had time to kill. Watching a movie seems like a good idea. Everything was selling fast since it's a Friday night. I chose All Good Things. Simple. Ryan Gosling. The man is flawless. I'm not a fan but damn, I'm seriously intrigued by him. I don't think anyone can fully explain his allure.

I must admit. The movie was slow. If you're impatient, chances are, you're going to walk out of the cinema. Which a couple of people did. Totally unfair. I'm pretty sure they've sat through much more terrible movies than this. The dude who sat beside me exclaimed, "That's it?! Am I supposed to wait for a sequeal?!" when the credits appeared. No douche, it's over. Use your imagination - if you have one.

I personally love the cinematography albeit slightly haphazard. Especially during the beginning, when it's only David and Katie. Falling in love. Very beautifully done. If I'm screencapping the scenes in my head - I think it's an indication, it's kinda great.

If you notice, I didn't talk about the storyline. I'm pretty sure you can get it at IMDB.

Verdict: ♥♥♥ 1/2

Click HERE for a picspam.

This is a pseudo-movie review. I'm very bad at writing essays. What makes you think I'll be fabulous at reviews.

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