Wednesday, July 6, 2011

World Cinema Series 2011: Deep End

I clicked on THIS and went, "I NEED TO WATCH THIS!"

Deep End | Jerzy Skolimowski | 1970 | Germany, USA | 89 min

Don't really know much about this movie. Plain and simple, I'm a sucker for foreign movies. Googled for more info and VOILA!

15 year old Mike works at a swimming pool. Obessessed with Susan, who also works there. Problem is, Susan is engaged but Mike still wants her. What do you get? Deep End.

I think it's pretty interesting that Deep End got shelved barely after it was released. Was it that bad? Kinda reminds me of all those awesome movies we didn't get to watch cause it didn't reach our shores (can/do we blame censorship?) which ultimately means, "Sorry folks, won't be showing that movie in our theatres." Time to go find an 'alternative' if you really want to watch the movie.

Here's some pretty photos cause I'm a visual creature. I'm a Libran for goodness sake!

Anyone want to watch this with me? :D

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